About FKR Consultancy

About FKR Consultancy Fiona RobertsHaving worked in several different industries in the public, private and educational sector for over 30 years I have experienced health and safety in many ‘disguises’. Some good and some laughable! (Yes I really have seen a ban of drawing pins in noticeboards in case someone ‘pinned’ themselves!!)

One thing that was apparent was the fact that for many, sometimes my work colleagues and often my bosses, Health and Safety was seen and often promoted as a nuisance part of the business. Lots of paperwork and procedures that were impractical and didn’t really make sense. This was particularly the case for the small and medium sized businesses that I have worked with. ‘Why bother with health and safety…we’ve not had any problems so far?’

The perceived time and expenditure needed with no apparent return on the investment doesn’t excite many in a busy world of financial targets.

Well, as an individual who actually likes health and safety…yes I really do, I decided to set up my company to offer uncomplicated health and safety solutions that work with the organisation. I also aim to promote Health and Safety within the workplace as a business benefit that can not only help to achieve the financial targets but also offers a great deal more.

Fiona Roberts is the Principal of FKR Consultancy