Health and Safety – it doesn’t have to be complicated.

We all know the importance of meeting our legal (and moral) obligations regarding Health & Safety in the workplace. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to determine the scale of what is required and where the highest priority should be given. Ensuring compliance with every piece of relevant health and safety legislation can be a full time job in itself so if you are a small business how do you manage to do it?

Our solution is not only straight forward but is also cost effective. We will work with you to cut through the reams of documentation and to interpret exactly what is relevant to your particular business activities. Having identified the requirements we can then put together a plan to ensure full compliance in the most convenient and sensible way possible.

Due to the size of FKR we are able to offer a personalised service, whatever the size of your company. We don’t believe that the time or attention we dedicate to you should be proportional to your spend with us. The service package which we will provide will be tailor made to meet your specific health and safety needs rather than generic documents which some other companies use -manuals designed to cover everything but covering nothing effectively.

We will work as closely as we can with your business using any in-house expertise and knowledge that you may already have. We recognise that you might only need us to provide a proportion of your Health & Safety requirements or even just to provide the necessary training for your personnel. With this in mind we offer our support in a number of ways including retained services, ad hoc services and training courses.

Whichever route you decide is right for you we will ensure, from the outset, that our service, standards and approach are clearly laid out for you and that you understand the costs involved.

Published Date: 5th September 2015
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